Friday, September 26, 2014

Today is September 27, 2014

I suppose the "Reboot" didn't happen as planned. However, I did start a new blog so if you're ever by there, do come and say hi! :) I'm thinking of saving all these past thoughts of mine somewhere. maybe turn them into a PDF so that I can one day look back and maybe get a hint of what I used to be like at ages 14 and 15. lol. Anywhos, life's going well for me now. :) hope it is going well for you too!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Oh yea! The title mentions it all! Wait for it... Revamp is in town and it's on its way!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What if?

What if the world ends in 2012? What if? ROFLMAO.. I feel so lifeless. :X BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What I wish I didn't have to be.. sometimes...

a sister...

Being a sister is a very though job. Especially if you're the younger sister.. BUT.. That isn't as though a job as being the ONLY and YOUNGEST sister, to an ELDER BROTHER. Here's a list of things you need to endure if you're thinking of being a younger sister, with an older brother:-

  • Ninja fights (which he always wins... he's twice my size AND weight)

  • Pranks (which he LOVES...)

  • Pillow fights (Oooh.. my favourite.. I get to hit him... FOR ONCE... But I still lose in the end.)

  • Blames (Me:'Mommy!! He's trying to flatten me!!' Brother:' Oh.. sure.. Look who's talking.. Mommy: You! Get off your brother.. Me: I'm not even ON him. -.-)

  • Help with projects? (My brother took my plant? For his own project.. which he did not (obviously enough) do.)

  • Life.. (yea, pretty much.. It's a tough job alright!)

Well, you must be wondering why I write this post.. That's because... My sweet brother scared the daylights out of me one day.. (well, it wasn't exatly day.. but owh well)

We had just finished our meal and were walking along this dark lane.. (we previously also walked on that dark lane to reach the mealplace and I had seen a freakishly dead rat.. which I was sure not to step on) Well, my brother and I were having an intelectual discussion when suddenly in a grim voice he said.. 'You stepped on the dead rat'... I freaked out.. I squiled on the top of my lungs and jumped.. and ewed.. and jumped.. -.- My beloved brother.. Laughed his lungs off.. People must have thought I was crazy... But who wouldn't react the same way I did in this scenario? Ahh.. I love this world... Anyways.. When we got to the car and I calmed down a little, I asked my brother, very seriously.. if I really did step on that already dead rat... (I didn't want to know if I had killed it further) He said no.. -.- all that for nothing... Thank you very much..



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sleepy weepy..

Hola peeps! :) (or the tiny imaginary peeps in my world) here's some random from me.

One morning a woman and her baby were taking public transportation.
As she entered the bus the driver said, "Wow! That is one ugly baby."
The woman, deeply hurt, just continued onto the bus and found a seat next to an elderly man.
The man asked, "What''s wrong, you look mad?"
She replied, "I am." "That bus driver just insulted me."
"You shouldn''t take that from him," the man replied. "He''s a public worker and should give you respect.
If I were you, I would take down his badge number and report him."
"You''re right sir, I think I will report him," she said. The elderly man said,
"You go on up there and get his badge number and I''ll hold your monkey for you."

:) okay so.. Since this is my blog.. I shall blog about my experiences. Well, yesterday, my doggie, shaggy.. Ran out of the house.. So my brother and I had to chase him.. I believe people must have thought we were crazy cause.. People chasing a dog? Well FYI my dog is small.. He can run fast.. But my brother and I can fly :) so in the end we caught him and scolded him and... He looked as cute as ever.. :) heh heh.. I plan to post some walkthroughs of games I've recently played and kind of mastered.. They are Virtual Families and Flying Santa or something like that :) two awesome games :D so I guess that's it for now! I can't wait to watch Tron: Legacy. :) my phone battery is gonna die now so chao! :) enjoy your day ;) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where are the crazy people?

Don't mind the title of this post. I saw a crazy person last night.. dancing in front of a car. I hope that incident didn't influence me too much :X yesterday was probably one of the most interesting days during these holidays.. I woke up, ate breakfast went to the supermarket, SMSed a little, went to another supermarket SMSed even more and realized all my phone credit was gone.. The last SMS I sent bounced back :'( but nevermind that anyway.. Because I topped up RM50 today!! woohoo!! Thanks to my sponsor, my dad :DD well.. That part of my day wasn't as interesting as what I'm about to tell you. I have this really handsome friend.. (gosh I hope this person won't read this :X therefore I'm not disclosing this person's gender :) let's just call her Bob. Bob called me last night.. Probably poured her heart out.. And it seems she's in a very pitiable state right now. Well I'm not really close to Bob so it was a surprise she would pour her heart out to me. Im just mere acquaintance.. She told me about some of her problems and I wanted to do something to help her but I just didn't know what.. So I thought I'd pray for her.. And maybe you guys could do the same too. :) (if there's even anyone reading this) but it's okay, I will double and triple pray for her.. :)) hope things get better for her.. Because I know it will get better for him. (her and him and Bob are the same person :) and before this convo, I chatted with Cendy.. And she gave me this Christmas list which she wanted me to fulfill.. (who does she think I am? Mrs claus? I wish I was but I'm kind of underaged to be married now :( sorry Cendy.. I hope Santa reads his emails cause I plan to mail him your list.. Or is t just too cold in the north pole that the Internet is frozen? :O well I wouldn't know anything about that, would I? Ooh! And I gave Hao Yi a new nickname.. BOLUS!!! :) YAY!! and he actually likes it.. :) Bolus Kok Hao Yi.. :D so.. Dues to this recent events I feel very accomplished :) until I woke up today.. And my awesome mind realized my alarm wouldn't wake me up so it decided to take things into it's own.. Hands? And lured someone to wake me up :) :D weed wacker! Teeeheeeeheheee..! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

I'm ready for Christmas!!

Can't believe Christmas is so soon.. Then the new year.. Then I go back to school... And hide in one of those many piles of books.. It's a repeat of the last two years.. With an added new syllabus.. All these in one year.. Will I ever survive? Haha.. I hope so.. Can't wait for next year's Christmas celebrations.. Even more so for this year's 'jingling bells' :). The plan this year is to spend Christmas in Singapore/Poreland (like Way Hinn calls it) with my cousins and aunties.. All of whom I do not see very often :) maybe once a year? Well, this year is BIG because it's one of the rarer occasions where we spend time together.. :D I'm so excited!! Hehe.. Bloggie, I know you've been lonely for a while now.. I cannot even come to tell you how sorry I am for not typing into you lately.. It's just that these holidays have been hectic.. (kind of.. C'mon! It's a HOLIDAY for a reason right?) I wake at an average 7am everyday (except weekends) and go for yoga class.. Which I must say.. Is very very relaxing. :) then I play my games for 5 or so hours and then sit down for a break.. And then I wonder... What am doing la? cause I have this schedule planned out for the holiday which I must tell you.. Looks very very impressive.. Unfortunately I have not gone through one day according to planned (following my schedule). So being a very patriotic Malaysian, I tell myself.. No need to worry wan, I'll follow the schedule tomorrow.. I feel proud and smart for thinking that way afterwards because it's 'very logical and does make sense' to only do it at a later time.. So it's been.. A month now that I've been telling myself the same thing.. Over and over again.. In totally honesty, I do not want this holiday to end.. I've even gone to the extend of fantasizing my school building on fire caused by the really, really, very extremely HOT sun...(Seriously.. My schoolmates have two color toned legs as proof to my claims) anyways.. Next year is the year which along with my formmates we will sit for one of those big compulsory exams-which-will-be-non-existent-in-another-4-years.. Okay.. I have no mood to talk on this subject any longer.. Because I'm angry that they wouldn't abolish it sooner :F to end my comeback post, I'm going to sum up most of the things that happened this month which I probably did not mention.. So this month.. Schoolendedfortheyearitwasawesomeyay!iwentrollerbladingwithmyclassandhadaball!ilostmyhomeworkwhichisduefornextyearbutThankGodnishastillhashers.Ilostmybooklisttwicebutmanagedtogetmostofmybooksanyways.. :) i'msupermissingallmyfriendsbutiwouldnthaveitanyotherwaybecauseifwedontmisswontknowhowtocherish.iwentkaroekeingwithfriendsandhadtopayalmostthesamepriceasgoldtogetin.iowekimT.somemoney..iowenishaG.somemoney..:( iwannastopowingnishamoneybutshejustwontacceptanyreturn..:'(ifeellikeiwannacry.VannawenttoU-ropeandhadtonsoffunandboughttonsofchocolate.HaoYicelebratedLucas'sandEthan'sbirthday,yaythem!joshuahowantstodrinkmilkanditoldhimtogethisowncowabdmilkitbutsomehowhemisunderstoodmeandthinksimacow.. Okaythatsallfornowiguess!:) thanksforreading!